Thursday, March 6, 2014

When Miniature Building Authority Comes to Town [Part 2]

Just a brief continuation of this week's Mini Monday, where the Miniature Building Authority came to Treefort Games. 

I brought down my Corner Townhouse (Product ID 10109A) that I bought a few years back at Games Plus in Mt. Prospect. According to the MBA collector's guide, only a 140 of these were ever made.

Jim Elmore, one of the MBA's founders, explained to me that my model is particularly rare--earlier versions had red window shudders and doors, not green.

And now its even more rare with his autograph.

Meanwhile, some hobbits were defedning a village. (The LotR minis weren't brought by MBA, but a local wargamer). There were all kinds of wargames going on.

This fellow was kid-bashed together.

Here's the other to figures--Fatty Lumpkin and the Gaffer. Very well painted.

Gothmog--both mounted and on foot.

Both Kirk and Jim were really friendly, and they do make quality buildings for the price.

I find it a little amusing that people are arguing about the $50 price tag for each of the upcoming corebooks for 5e. The average cost of these buildings are around that price.

Gaming is a luxury hobby, folks. Just face that fact.

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  1. They're amazing buildings. Once I clear out the detritus from my gamesroom, I'm looking to score some nice terrain/buildings etc to decorate my games table (which is currently buried under comics, graphic novels, RPG & wargame books, piles of minis etc).


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