Tuesday, April 8, 2014

F is for Floating Eye

Source: Final Fantasy II for Super Nintendo

Climate/Terrain: Any 
Frequency: Uncommon
Organization: Pack
Activitiy Cycle: Any
Diet: Ominivorous
Intelligence: Average to Very
Treasure: W
Alignment: Any evil
No. Appearing: 1d4+1
Armor Class: 5 [15]
Movement: 24” (Fly)
Hit Dice: 2, 4, or 8 (See Below)
Thac0 [Attack Bonus]: 19, 17, or 13
No. of Attacks: 3
Damage/Attack: 1d3+1/1d3+1/1d6+2
Special Attacks: See Below
Special Defenses: See Below
Magic Resistance: None
Size: S to L (See Below)
Morale: Average
XP Value: 65, 270, or 975

The floating eye is a magical creature that appears similar to a beholder, but lacks the beholder’s eye stalks. Instead, it has wings and claws. It attacks using its claws and bite. The standard floating eye only has 2 hit dice and wingspan of 5 feet. It often inhabits wastelands and ruins.

All floating eyes have a +4 resistance bonus against sleep, charm, paralyzation, and polymorph spells and spell-like abilities. They also take double damage from piercing weapons.

Red Eye (Blood Eye)
This version of the floating eye is known for its vampire touch ability as a 4th level spellcaster, doing 2d6 damage with range of of 60 feet. It can use this ability once per day. It has 4 hit dice, and is a medium-sized creature with a wing span of 7 feet.

Fatal Eye
The fatal eye is a powerful opponent; it can cast both poison and vampiric touch with a range of 100 feet, each three times per day as a 12th level spellcaster. It is a large creature with a wingspan of 9 feet.

Only one of these creatures is reported to exist, and may be the patron diety of all of the floating eye race.  

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  1. I love floating eyes. They are just so weird. The floating eyes from the Moria roguelike were a pain as you had to stay out of their line of sight.


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